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Video killed ... something or other.

Once, in a previous life, I used to assemble short videos (we always called them that - even when they were on DVD) for teaching purposes. Seems that particular skill is needed again: creating promotional videos for The Alchemy Press. Naturally, the first one I slung together was for my own forthcoming collection (if I made a balls-up, I had no one else to blame) so I could polish up the rusty talents, and get used to software that - whilst adequate - wasn't quite up there with what I'd previously used.

I'm reasonably happy with the results (just like everything, it's a learning curve) and any mistakes made here won't be inflicted on the next, innocent author.
Whoever it may be.

Batman without the Batman: the Gotham TV series

Finally watched Gotham last night and it’s … okay. Little more than an average police procedural, with lots of gratuitous name-dropping (or should that be bludgeoning?). That pointy-nosed fellow with the umbrella was called ‘Oswald’ enough times (and then ‘Penguin’ a couple more just in case we missed the subtleties) that even someone who didn’t have a clue about the Batman universe (and why should they even be watching in the first place?) would be feeling over-informed. A young girl with an obvious thing for plants declared “I’m Ivy!” in a clear, strong voice – just in case those at the back didn’t get it. Young Bruce Wayne – even though traumatised at witnessing his parents’ deaths – managed to give Jim Gordon a description of the murderer that was forensic in its detail. A young girl dressed in black – with an uncanny climbing ability – was the only one who wasn’t verbally identified, but her feeding a stray cat with stolen milk might just be a clue. Everyone’s future characters …

Graham Joyce 1954-2014

Yesterday, I learned Graham Joyce had died. Whilst the news didn't come as a shock - he had been seriously ill for some time - it was no less saddening. I first met Graham many years ago at a SF convention in Birmingham: Twenty-One Con, if my memory serves me right. I was sitting in the bar with Peter Coleborn and David Sutton when Stephen Jones introduced us to this new star in the writing firmament. I don't think any of us attended a single event at the convention that day: just sat in the bar drinking, talking; Graham happy to keep a bunch of weirdoes he'd never met before amused with tales of Greece and teaching. Later we all went to a Chinese restaurant just off Hurst Street in Birmingham's China Town, crowding around a circular table which sported a tiny vase in the centre, containing a single flower. The talk and laughter continued. On a nearby table a bunch of girls kept glancing over at us - maybe in admiration, but more likely in alarm at the subject matter. …

Nick Nightmare Investigates

I've known Adrian Cole for ... let's say some time. In fact, he may be the first person I spoke to at FantasyCon numero uno in the dim and distant 1970s (although we had been corresponding for a while: he in his capacity as editor of the BFS magazine, Dark Horizons). The first two volumes of The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes included Nick Nightmare stories - a private eye based in a Lovecraftian New York - so when it was decided that The Alchemy Press would be publishing a collection of Nick Nightmare tales it was something of a no-brainer when I was asked if I'd like to edit said volume. I was even more delighted when it was suggested that Nick should meet up with my own investigator of the occult, Damian Paladin, in a crossover story written especially for the collection. Now, I've heard all the tales of horror regarding collaboration; the cries of "Never again!" But I'm happy to say there were no tears, no clashes of ego and no fights over who go…

Pulp Heroes 3 - the cover

The cover for Pulp Heroes 3 - painted by my old mucker Bob Covington - has been released.

Feast your eyes, me beauties.


I'm happy to announce the ToC for the forthcoming PULP HEROES 3 from The Alchemy Press. In order of author: Gary Budgen – Kid Kafka and Doctor Pulp Evan Dicken – Mono No Aware Jay Eales – The Revenant Iain Grant – The Big Picture Emma Hinge – The Death of James E Steckle Amberle L Husbands – Agent Midnight Bracken MacLeod – No One Stays Dead Kim Newman – Angels of Music Rod Rees – A Helping Hand Tony Richards – Rayven Black in the City of Night Ralph Sevush – Emmett, Joey and the Beelz Paul Starkey – You’re Majesty The anthology will be launched at this year's FantasyCon, September 5th – 7th 2014, The Royal York Hotel, York. Look out for more details.