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Pulp Heroes: William Meikle

In the run up to the publication of THE ALCHEMY PRESS BOOK OF PULP HEROES 2, I will be posting short interviews with the contributors. Up first, William Meikle whose contribution is entitled The Penge Terror. Would you like to briefly introduce yourself: what inspired your writing and when you began, and – if possible – of all of your published work could you tell me which your favourites are (and why)? I'm Willie Meikle, 55, Scottish, now living in Canada. I grew up on a council estate in a town where you were either unemployed or working in the steelworks, and sometimes both. Many of the townspeople led hard, miserable lives of quiet and sometimes not so quiet desperation When I was at school books and my guitar were all that kept me sane in a town that was going downhill fast. The local steelworks shut and unemployment was rife. The town suffered badly. I could have started writing about that, but why bother? All I had to do was walk outside and I'd get it slapped in my face. …